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Enameling, Fusing, Warm & Hot

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Glass Decor Indoors *Schrader

Glass Decor Indoors  *Schrader
Decorate your home with stained glass and fused fountains, oil lamps, trivets, coasters, platters, suncatchers and plant stakes. Lots of flowers, seashells, birds, butterflies, and leaves. Step-by-step instructions are included.


Glass Decor Outdoors *Schrader

Glass Decor Outdoors  *Schrader
Take your love for glass outdoors! Over 20 patterns for garden stakes, flowers, wind chime and bird seed holders. Includes instructions for slumping, fusing and foiling techniques.


Sparkling Sound (CKE Publications)

Sparkling Sound (CKE Publications)
2 dozen patterns shown in full color for delightful fused glass wind chimes, window charms and mobiles. Colorful and easy to make using scrap glass, bottles, driftwood and wire - plus they sound great! Step-by-step instructions.


Glass Kiln Casting Book

Glass Kiln Casting Book
Jayne brings her fresh and timeless style to the art of Glass Kiln Casting. This inspirational yet thoroughly practical guide presents lush photographs of beautifully finished pieces that will capture the imagination. The clear and simple instructions will enable fusers of any skill level to achieve amazing 3-dimensional creations.

Glass Kiln Casting is an 80-page book offering more than 260 color photographs in 12 chapters that will inspire dozens of exceptional projects. The opening chapter features invaluable information covering frit casting molds, tools, equipment and kilns, plus an in-depth yet simple approach to working with digital kiln controllers.

This book is sure to become a studio favorite that fusers of all levels will refer to time and again. Jayne's take-you-by-the-hand writing style guides crafters through the frit casting process. She'll show you how to make frit cast jewelry, plates and bowls with amazing results that will impress everyone who views your creations.


Glass Enameling (Kay Bain Weiner)

Glass Enameling  (Kay Bain Weiner)
Step-by-step instruction manual featuring the enameling method of noted glass fuser Peggy Barr. **ON SALE**

Full of how-to photographs, illustrations and stencil patterns. Covers both wet and dry enameling laminating and slumping glass, kiln firing and annealing. A great overview of wet & dry enamel techniques.


Introduction to Glass Fusing (Petra Kaiser)

Introduction to Glass Fusing  (Petra Kaiser)
Information on fusing that is not overwhelming! Learn all the skills you need to create gorgeous projects with this beautiful 80 page, full color book. Plenty of step-by-step photos, basic information, tips and 12 complete project lessons will have you fusing like a master in no time. By Petra Kaiser


Fuse It (Petra Kaiser)

Fuse It  (Petra Kaiser)
Take your fusing to the next level. These fresh techniques and projects will stimulate novice to advanced fusers alike. Fuse It gives you a quick review of fusing basics and expands your skills with an array of more advanced kiln forming projects. Learn new ways to fuse glass with 18 step-by-step lessons including Wear It (Jewelry), Display It (Holders), Hang It (Mirrors and Ornaments), Drop It (Vases), Zen It (Fountains), Rake It (Hot Combing), Sell It (Marketing your Work) and more. 96 full color pages filed with over 300 color photos.


The Joy of Coldworking by Jonathan Schmuck

The Joy of Coldworking by Jonathan Schmuck
Illustrated with over 250 full color photographs of processes, equipment, and works of art, Johnathon Schmuck’s The Joy of Coldworking is the first extensive publication on coldworking techniques for the glass artist.

The Joy of Coldworking seeks to fill in the gaps in the documentation and knowledge of all aspects of coldworking by guiding the reader through a myriad of processes and techniques, including:

• Information about virtually every major piece of coldworking equipment, from belt sanders to lap wheels to saws to glass lathes and more;

• Tips and techniques for hand finishing, fire polishing, drilling, and working with acid;

• Recommendations for specific equipment to purchase and use;

• Information about setting up and improving your personal coldshop;

• A history of coldworking, from ancient works such as the Portland Vase and the Cage Cup to contemporary masterpieces;

• A thorough discussion of safety principles for all machines and processes discussed;

• Aesthetic principles and approaches to coldworking.

More than anything else, the aim of The Joy of Coldworking is to address the dread that many people feel about coldworking. With the proper instruction, equipment, and technique, it’s not only possible to turn a good piece of glass into a great one, it’s also possible to turn dread into joy


Joy of Fusing *Randy Wardell*

Joy of Fusing *Randy Wardell*
Discover the joy of fusing step-by-step from start to finish. The Joy of Fusing provides every fundamental technique that beginning fusers need, while experienced artists will discover a few new tricks along the way. 27 projects are presented in full color photos with complete instruction and firing schedules demonstrating a range of techniques. The companion publication (Full-Size Project Drawings) makes it easy to create projects as shown and repeat successful firings over and over. 95 pages.